Team Lunch Certificate

In-office catered team lunch for 10 guests

$500.00 - Yours today for holiday price of $400.00

Under the leadership of Director, Fay Athari, Arta Gallery underwent a major expansion in June 2008. By creating a larger space to display professional commercial art for collectors, artists and the public, the gallery is now a fully operational event space, giving weddings, fundraisers and corporate events a unique backdrop and a way to promote art to a larger and varied audience.

You’ve got a team, and they make your life easier.
They save you time…and make you money.
Nothing means more to people than to know you thought about them,
and that you want to break bread with them.
Looking for a gift to give your team? Send us a message today and
we will help you purchase our “Team Certificate”.
This lunch time meal accommodates 10 guests and everything you need
to take an hour to yourselves.

How it Works:

1. Click here to view your Promotional Menu
2. Send us a note with your colleagues’ name 
and your organizations' coordinates.
3. Give us your credit card or payment information
4. We will send a nice note and a certificate

via email to your colleague.
5. They can book the lunch on the date and at the time they want
6. You get thanks and praise.