• When is it best to book my caterer?

    The short answer? As soon as possible! The long answer is that depending on your event anywhere from 6 months to one year is realistic, simply to address all the steps involved in the process. For corporate catering, we recommend one week, but we do know there are challenges and 72 hours is plenty of time for us to coordinate and deliver boardroom catering. For social catering and cocktail events, we typically like 30 days to allow for meetings, tastings and site visits.

  • How does the process work?

    Quite simply, it starts with you, either filling out your event request here or sending a note to Julia if you’d like to talk to someone live immediately. She will then take down your details, send you an outline to ensure your needs have been captured, then pass along the request to one of our planners. We will then send you a proposal for review, negotiate the details, have you in for a tasting, get you signed off, then plan away!

  • How far will we travel?

    We have many exciting venues that we partner with and can help you book for your next event. Click here for a list and to peruse the options. If you’ve already booked a space and its out of town, we can certainly accommodate and will travel quite frankly as far as you need us to. Costs do increase once we get outside the greater Toronto Area, but we can outline and price all of your needs on request.

  • Is it better to book my venue or my caterer first?

    We are happy to book your venue for you, and quite frankly, that may be a better approach. Often clients select menus that simply do not work at the venue they have selected. Each venue has a unique layout, different amenities, geographical placement, parking specifications and access that affect your event. Better to chat through your event needs and expectations first and let us recommend the venue perfect for you.

  • Do prices outlined in traditional and social media include all costs involved?

    Founded on the premise of client-based thinking, we believe that successful partnerships result from listening to client’s needs and delivering exceptional service.

    We ensure that clients receive communication within 24 hours of requests and strive to make proposals clear and free from any surprises. All fees are itemized categorically on the initial proposal and guaranteed by both parties upon approval of your order.

    Prices outlined in menus are for food only. Upon receiving your request we will clearly outline additional costs associated with staff, rentals, décor, entertainment, delivery, taxes and gratuities.

  • Do I get to meet my planner and taste the food before I confirm my booking?

    Whether it's a working lunch, cocktail reception, social engagement meeting, grand opening, product launch or annual report meeting, we combine exquisite foods with a solid understanding of the special service accommodations required for entertaining. Your designated representative is there with you from beginning to end. As soon as you’d like, you can meet your planner to ensure that you are comfortable with our capabilities and that there’s the right fit.

  • What are the deposit and payment terms?

    Invoices for office and boardroom catering are sent electronically and we are pleased to work within a variety of payment terms as required. For social and event catering we do require a deposit of fifty per cent of the event total with final payment often due one week in advance of the event with confirmation of final numbers. Nothing however is set in stone and we are pleased to work with you to find the payment mode, method and timeline that works for you.

  • Will my planner be at my event?

    Depending on the size and scope of your event, either your planner or a designated supervisor will be in attendance to guide the team that will set up, execute and clean up your function. Every event is as unique and special to us as it is to you, and together we can create the right, look, feel, theme and menu for that special occasion…and someone from our team will always be there to lead.

  • What does staff wear at my event and what is there experience?

    Our food, service, quality, discretion and price, make us the most appropriate solution to your private event needs. Your event reflects you, and our job is to reflect your interests as if they were our own. Our staff are polished, trained and committed to providing you and yours with the best in hospitality services. Front of house staff are typically dressed in black uniforms, back and front of house Chefs wear wither all black or all white chef uniforms.

  • Who is responsible for licenses and permits?

    Like you, we are committed to the highest level of conduct, and we have both high expectations and goals, allowing us to always remember that while we are better today than yesterday, we are not as good as we must become. Our team of specialists handle all administrative paperwork involved in your event. All you need to provide is your time...and a bit of information for us to work with.

  • Didn’t find your answer?

    Email us here and one of our staff will be back to you shortly: info@10tation.com