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We Learned More at House Parties Than in Class.

Whether you’re taking several months, or a few hours, planning a house party can either be the most stressful or exhilarating experience you’ll have. It’s #riskybusiness throwing a house party: loud music, drinking, dancing, seem to be the goal and let’s be fair: Why not? Historically, a house party was more of a delicate event. It could last days, and sometimes even weeks. Whichever style of event you’re looking for, our team can assist you in planning everything from invitation to sanitation. We can dress your house up, or take you down…to a location that is the best solution to your Soirée.

Instyle"s guide on how to throw a party


Handy House Party Ideas

Fun Food at 10tation Crafty Canapes

Event Rentals with 10tation Staffing with 10tation

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Simply Accept the Invite…and in the end…Excuse Yourself: 23 Rules of the House Party

By: Melissa Penfold

“The main way you can make the relationship more equal is by being a good guest.”

Excuse yourself


Looking for a nifty location for your next little soirée?

Arta Gallery The Richmond

Balzacs Distillery Thompson Landry Gallery