"With David's focus on having the infrastructure to be able to cater to larger scale events and my focus on what's on the plate, there's a certain synergy between us that makes this the perfect partnership."

Celebrity Chefs


Have you ever wished you could try CHARCUT Roast House and charbar’s interactive butcher boards or Alberta prime cuts in the comfort of your own home rather than buying a plane ticket to Calgary? Has it been on your list to dine on authentic Italian cuisine from a leading restaurateur of Montreal's Little Italy? Do you dream of bringing the cuisine of a renowned chef to your guests at an upcoming event but not sure where to start?

CHEFS BY 10TATION is a service that provides clients with the opportunity to offer food that celebrity chefs are known for to parties of any size, at any time and for any occasion right here in Toronto. Want them to make an appearance? That can be arranged!

Our lineup includes chefs who are changing the Canadian culinary landscape like Toronto’s Cory Vitiello (Flock, Food Network), Michael Hunter (Antler), Fabio Bondi & Michael Sangregorio (Local Kitchen), Calgary’s John Jackson & Connie DeSousa (CHARCUT Roast House, charbar) and Montreal's Michele Forgione (Impasto, Chez Tousignant, Pizzeria Gema).

Customized catering packages and prices are available now upon request.

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