Update from 10tation Event Catering Inc.

Hello Friends,

It is my hope that this message finds you and yours well. This is a challenging time, but we likely share the same goal: to stay healthy and happy during this time of social and physical distancing. The diverse pressures on every household deriving from this have us breezing through some days, and others…not so much. Many of us are experiencing fear, anxiety and sometimes…we may feel overwhelmed.

However, we all I’m sure, share an instinct to grow, a desire for positive mental health and to love ourselves and others. It is remarkable to witness the human spirit rise above life’s many challenges through the love and support spreading throughout our communities.

Like you, I am looking for ways to contribute. With food and meal preparation my personal passion and strength, I wanted to serve weeks ago, but like you, I’ve had safety concerns. So, I have been observing, researching and reflecting on both existing food delivery offerings, and the evolving nature of safety and precautionary measures…in and out of the kitchen.

The result: I feel confident now to launch our new program: 10tation Home launching Monday April 20, 2020 at 12 noon at 10tation.com. This initiative comes in response to the many families who have told me they are feeling challenged by the stress of constant and continuous household meal preparation. Be it for comfort, or the joy of feeding our families, we are trying new recipes, or baking homemade bread (a notable trend!). This is fun, but the challenge of 24/7 meal preparation is catching up with most of us. It seems as though as soon as we finish one meal…another begins.


10tation Home strives to take the edge off what many are calling our current “groundhog-day” kitchen experiences. It supports your families in the best way I know how: by bringing healthy homemade family meals right to your front door. For now, we have created a "one day a week" program that includes for 2 - 4 guests: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, two desserts, and a few no charge add-ons… because we love you. We will send you another message soon that outlines the program in more detail, and of course will include information and links on how to order, and our commitment to safe packaging and delivery processes as well.

I look forward to nourishing you and yours…in the same way that I choose to feed my own family. May we all emerge well fed, happy and healthy.
My thanks for your time and warmest wishes to all.

David D'Aprile, President
10tation event catering Inc.